Friday, November 18, 2005


The concept of Toobworld takes it as a given that all TV shows already exist in that alternate universe; it's just a matter of coming up with theoretical "splainins" as to why they connect to other shows. But it is nice when we can learn of definitive proof that a particular series has officially linked to the other shows previously established to exist in Earth Prime-Time.

The guys who chronicle the crossovers via Tommy Westphall's mind (from 'St. Elsewhere') have discovered the link that brings 'Veronica Mars' to the dance. Click on the link "Tommy Westphall's Mind" to learn more about it.

With the link that's listed just above that, "Crossovers via Tommy Westphall", these fellow fanatics have catalogued the rich interplay that unites over 200 TV series. And that forms the backbone for the body of work that goes into Toobworld.

Where we differ is in interpretation. They strictly adhere to the premise that it all takes place only in Tommy Westphall's mind, and they accept only those shows which have made official crossovers.

For Toobworld, the TV Universe was created as a manifestation of Mankind's creative energies; following the examples set by Fletcher Pratt and L. Sprague DeCamp, Marvin Kaye, and Craig Gardner Shaw, who explored the universes of mythology, Victorian literature, and B movies, respectively. As I said, it's all in there from TV; it's just a matter of time before it can be proven.

As for Tommy Westphall and that final scene from 'St. Elsewhere', we see it as a matter of interpretation. The series itself was the Reality; the "snowglobe scenario" was the fantasy of an autistic boy staring out a hospital window.

Still and all, Crossoverman and Smashsc have done incredible work over in those two links and I hope you check them out.

Congrats on catching the 'Veronica Mars' link, guys!


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