Friday, November 18, 2005


Sheree North passed away about two weeks ago. She was an actress whose roles seemed to personify those worldly women "of a certain age" who have seen too much; who exude a hard-edged sexiness that could border on the slatternly. For the most part, her characters were the kind of woman teenaged boys hope might take them under her wing and teach them the ways of the world; a charter member of The Mrs. Robinson League.

Maybe that's why she played quite a few women named Gloria - more in keeping with the movie role of Gena Rowland's, not with Sally Struthers' TV character.

Her two best known roles in TV guest spots played upon that perception - as Charlene McGuire in 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', and as Babs Kramer in 'Seinfeld'. [Her role as Dottie Wertz on 'Archie Bunker's Place' definitely filled the bill... and paid the bills while doing it!]

I always wished Ms. North could have made another appearance as Charlene once Ed Asner got the 'Lou Grant' spin-off. And for Toobworld's convenience, I wish she had been available to play the role when another script came along on 'MTM'. I think she may have been tied up with her role on 'Big Eddie', so Janis Paige stepped in. But it just wasn't the same without Sheree North.

As for Babs, I created a unified genealogy for several characters played by Kathleen Freeman which connected 'Seinfeld', 'Topper', 'Columbo' among other shows. Babs Kramer figured into that family tree as her illegitimate daughter by Cosmo Topper. [One day I'll rerun that article from the old Tubeworld Dynamic when the generic Kathleen Freeman character gets an honorary induction into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.]

It's like Joni Mitchell sang, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." I just realized what a unique presence Sheree North brought to her roles and there's nobody else out there right now who can convey that world-weary allure. Who's waiting in the wings who can someday project that aura? Eva Longoria? Denise Richards? Mischa Barton?

I don't think so.

So here's to you, Ms. Sheree North. You will be missed.


"Bay City Blues" (1983) TV Series .... Lynn Holtz (1983)
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in episode: "The Finale: Part 1" (episode # 9.21) 14 May 1998
in episode: "The Switch" (episode # 6.11) 5 January 1995
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"Magnum, P.I." playing "Blanche Rafferty, Luther's Secretary" in episode: "The Return of Luther Gillis" (episode # 4.16) 16 February 1984
"Archie Bunker's Place" playing "Dotty Wertz"
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"Playhouse 90" playing "Suzy" in episode: "Trapeze" (episode # 2.3) 26 September 1957
"Shower of Stars" in episode: "Lend an Ear" (episode # 1.2) 28 October 1954

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