Thursday, November 17, 2005


SkyOne has announced that 'The Prisoner could make a return after almost 40 years.

The executive producer will be Damien Timmer, who said that the new series would take "liberties with the original" and would not retain its arty feel. "Although it will be a radical reinvention, it will still be a heightened show," he added.

Coming soon after the unsurprising news that the re-imagined update of 'The Night Stalker' - which had stripped away everything that had given the original its unique character - had been cancelled, I get the feeling that this new version of Patrick McGoohan's classic will not get a warm "Well Come".

But, I'm a nut for the series, so I won't be unmutual. I'm willing to give the new version a chance.

But I know I won't be speaking for the majority..........


"Reject this false world of Number Two! Reject it NOW!"
Number Six
'The Prisoner' -
"Change Of Mind"
See what I mean?


WordsSayNothing said...

Recent revivals of both Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who have been excellent, so you never know what to expect.

Toby said...

True. With 'Doctor Who', it's a continuation that took advantage of technological advancements since the last incarnation, in much the same way 'Star Trek' did.

So being in the same universe as the original version, the differences are easily accepted.

Even though I have a guilty fondness for the original 'Galactica' and its overall cheese factor, I'll admit the drastic changes to the original probably had no choice but to be an improvement. (But as such it's a whole new version and so had to be shunted off to an alt. dimension.)

I think it comes down to where a show stands in the hearts of its fans. For all of the above shows, it was a gamble. But it didn't pay off for 'The Night Stalker' because it strayed too far from what the fans originally enjoyed about the concept.

I hope the new version of 'The Prisoner' will learn from the mistakes made by Spotnitz and Co. and instead use Russell T. Davies as an example of how to update an original.
I hope