Tuesday, November 8, 2005


This is from fellow Iddiot "Bobt":

I felt like I was channeling Toby today when I saw the promo for the
upcoming CSI Miami and CSI NY combined episode. That promo made me think of
a serious crossover: the perp of the crime is ex-navy, so Navy CSI starts
the episode; crimes were committed in FL and in NY, so both of those CSI
programs get involved; they find old remains of a body in Los Vegas, so CSI
gets involved and they need a skeletal expert, thus Bones gets involved;
finally, since they can't solve the crimes, they call in the Numbers man and
whats-his-name from Criminal Minds. That should take care of a season.

Well, 'Bones' is on FOX, and even though I'm all for Television without borders, it's not likely to become a universally accepted idea.

But CBS should find a way to throw in 'Cold Case' and then have the trial in Indianapolis and that way you can bring in 'Close To Home'.

And for good measure?

Make the Killer Navy Guy a crewmember from the Big Horn who's now an alien infectee and we can add in 'Threshold'!

Thanks for the ideas, Bobt!


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