Monday, November 7, 2005


A lot of Toobworld theories are basically accidents. I stumble across some nuggets of trivia while researching something else; something unrelated. Or I could just be channel-surfing and land on a show or commercial at the fortuitous moment which triggers the light bulb over my head. Oftentimes there’s a good chance I might never have made these discoveries otherwise.

Take for example my post “Lloyd Behavior” from 11//05/05. While ruminating on various characters played by the late Lloyd Bochner, I had to read the plot summaries for each of the episodes of shows in which he appeared.

So while looking into his three appearances as Elgin Cody on ‘Matt Houston’, I learned that Matt was adopted. Bill Houston (as portrayed by David Wayne) was Matt’s adoptive father. His biological father was a character played by Lloyd Bridges. And his name was Virgil Wade, aka Wade Matlock.

Now that’s the type of surname that leaps off the page for a televisiologist like me!

"In this episode we learn that Matt is adopted. His adoptive father is Bill Houston, and his biological father is Virgil Wade, a.k.a. Wade Matlock."

As it was written up at, one might assume that “Virgil Wade” was his real name, and “Wade Matlock” was an alias. But what if he was known throughout the two-part episode as Virgil Wade, only to be revealed by the end to be Wade Matlock?

And that way, we can make the claim that there was a blood relation link between 'Matt Houston' and 'Ben Matlock'.

Even if “Wade Matlock” was the alias, we could still make the claim; just on more specious grounds. Perhaps Virgil Wade used his mother’s maiden name which offered him an easier opportunity to create the alias.

Oh well. I won’t know how to play it until I actually view the episode and see how it lays. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of ‘Matt Houston’. It probably was dismissed by one of my earlier regenerations as being just another run-of-the-mill private eye show. Although why I didn’t at least check out an episode once Buddy Ebsen joined the cast is beyond me!



“Any TV schedule without Buddy Ebsen sucks eggs.”
George Utley

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