Friday, February 18, 2005


The prime times, they are a-changin', and in forty years much of the TV landscape has been altered to reflect the times portrayed.

And yet the framework for certain situations remain constant.....

Here's an episode from 'Leave It To Beaver'.....

Wally is throwing a party and is successful in getting Beaver out of the house, who is planning to spend the night at Whitey's. However, on the way to Whitey's house, him and Beaver get into an argument over a billboard that is advertising for soup and this leads to Beaver falling into the giant soup bowl mounted at the top of the billboard.

And this is one of the most recent episodes of 'Malcolm In The Middle'.....

When Lois catches the boys vandalizing a trashy billboard for a strip club, Malcolm alters the vandalism into a women's rights protest, which sparks a colossal media circus. In no time, feminists, conservative religious groups and national new reporters descend on the scene. After Hal grants a TV interview, a woman from his past turns up at the faux protest; and Reese, inspired by the giant billboard stripper who comes to life in his dreams, gives an impassioned speech about the objectification of women.


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