Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Let me just say right off the bat that I dislike Pepsi. I don't like the taste. There is a marked difference between Pepsi and Coke; I'm told one has a lemon base, the other an orange-y influence.

But its the advertising for Pepsi that I truly HATE; there's this smug, superior attitude they've taken over the last twenty years.

Remember the ad with the archaeology professor of the future at the split-level ranch dig site? He had no clue what an ancient Coke bottle was.

The guy should have turned in his license to be a teacher. The Coke bottle was, is, and shall always be one of the most - if not THE most! - recognizable bottle shapes ever in world history.


P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean "Puffy" Combs is late for an award ceremony, his limo broken down out in the desert. Along comes a Diet Pepsi truck whose driver is nice enough to give him a lift right up to the red carpet.

(Didn't he have a limo driver? Wouldn't he have been surrounded by his entourage? Since his break-up with JLo years back, has his cachet as a celeb lost some of its worth in bling-bling?)

P. Diddy must still be worth something on the A-List market, because soon after his novel arrival at the event, everybody wants to be seen with a Diet Pepsi truck as their vehicle of choice.

Eva Longoria seduces the parking valet in order to insure that her truck won't get scratched. Xzibit of 'Pimp My Ride' tricks his out to be a portable partai-mobile. And Carson Daly just cements his dorkiness by following suit with a Diet Pepsi truck equipped with monster truck rally wheels.

Mary Richards ('The Mary Tyler Moore Show') once remarked that a person could be influenced by someone with a more assertive personality. Apparently this type of influence leads one to be with-it by picking up the same kind of rig as larger-than-life impresarios. (Diet Pepsi missed a chance to be topical by proclaiming itself "Suge-Free".)

I guess we should be glad P. Diddy didn't get a ride to the event in a truck smuggling aliens into the country.......

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