Sunday, February 13, 2005


With another credit card commercial, this time for MasterCard, some of the all-time great blipvert VIPs gathered for dinner: the Gorton's Fisherman, Count Chocula, Charlie the Tuna, Mr. Peanut, Chef Boyardee, the Vlasic Stork, and the Morton's Salt Girl.

On the table itself, and crossing over into his fourth blipvert (at least!) for another company, was the exemplary Pillsbury Doughboy.

Outside the window was the Jolly Green Peeping To- er, Giant. He had to be down on his hands and knees in order to peer into the window.

And in the kitchen? Mr. Clean was doing the dishes.

I had no trouble seeing animated characters side by side with the live action Fisherman from Gorton's. But as some of them were talking animals - and anthropomorphic goobers and dough - then I have no choice but to relegate the ad to the wonder world of the Tooniverse.

But it was definitely one of the high spots for me this Super Bowl. I just wish it had aired earlier in the game so that it might have made more of an impression on the other viewers. (Not many of the reviews I've seen have mentioned it.)

I certainly would have liked to have seen more of this theme than the one from Napster!


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