Sunday, February 13, 2005


Not all the blipverts aired during the Super Bowl had to have cosmic significance for Toobworld. Some of them helped expand the boundaries of the TV Universe simply by showing new aspects in its everyday life.

First off, I'd like to mention another banned ad which would have fallen into this category. Ford was hoping to introduce the Lincoln Mark LT truck with a little story in which a clergyman found a set of keys in the collection plate.

The minister (priest?) goes outside and discovers that the keys belong to the aforementioned truck and although he may not actually worship the vehicle as a false idol, the reverend does experience the deadly sin of Lust. Only then does he find out that the keys were dropped into the collection by a little girl who didn't know any better and so he gives the keys back to her father.

Some victims of clergy sex abuse complained that it made light of their problem. Before Ford pulled the ad, a spokesman thought that perhaps because of their traumatic experiences, these critics were seeing something that wasn't there.

I agree. I saw the ad after hearing about it getting yanked from the schedule and I still didn't feel it had any connection to the problem.

But hey, that's me. I could be wrong. Alls I know is that I got out of the growing up in the Catholic school system (reasonably) A-OK. I can't speak for those who had to endure such a hardship as being abused by someone in a position of trust.


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