Sunday, February 13, 2005


So with all of the attention paid here on the Super Bowl commercials, it stands to reason that the Crossover of the Week would be found -#

Sorry, Blipverties. It was found in 'Lost'.

This past week's episode, "Homecoming", was a Charlie-centric flashback. In it, Charlie was deep in his heroin addiction and working with a criminal named Tommy, charming and romancing rich women whom he could then rip off.

One of these ladies was named Lucy and she brought him back to the mansion where she lived with her very rich father.

When Charlie asked after the whereabouts of her Dad, Lucy said, "I don't know. I think he's buying a paper company in Slough."

This, of course, would be Wernham-Hogg, the Slough paper company where manager David Brent and his employees were the subjects of a documentary that was filmed right there in 'The Office'.

This marks the second crossover for 'Lost' in about a month. If you remember an earlier Crossover of the Week, the one hit song from Charlie's band DriveShaft ("You All Everybody") was playing in the background at a party on an episode of 'Alias'.

Since both crossovers were connected to Charlie Pace, it's my decision that eventually the rocker will be inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.


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