Friday, January 1, 2016



1)  According to her diary, River and the Doctor enjoyed a picnic in Asgard.
It would have to have been the Twelfth Doctor (Matt Smith) who accompanied River to the home of the Norse gods.  None of them would look like those to be found in Comic Book Toobworld.  I think it would be better to use the demi-gods like Thor from episodes of 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'.  Certainly don't want to see the Doctor dealing with the slovenly and obese Thor who met the Space Famiy Robinson on some distant planet.

2)  A night on Darillium lasts 24 years.  
So how large is that planet that it takes 48 years to make a rotation?  But this means that even though they shouldn't leave the planet, the Doctor and River could have plenty of adventures during that "night" on Darillium.  We've already seen the precedence for this with the book "Tales From Trenzalore", when the Doctor spent at least a thousand years protecting that planet from all of the outside invaders.

3)  Jim The Fish
When are we finally going to find out about Jim the Fish?  See?  Yet another story about River that could be told.  Except that it couldn't involve the Thirteenth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) since it appears she had that adventure with Matt Smith's Doctor.  (They tried to reconcile their timelines while visiting that cafe near Lake Silencio.

4)  Dr. Song once transported a clutch of dragon eggs.
It's my contention that she somehow traveled back in Time and visited the planet Mondas where dragons once flourished.  You see, it is the premise promoted by Toobworld Central that Mondas - Earth's twin planet at one time - was the planet on which the seven kingdoms of Westeros could be found (as seen in 'Game Of Thrones'.)

5)  Flemming & the staff of Harmony & Reception
He and his fellow staff workers looked to be ancestors of Chan Tho, or at least an off-shoot of the same species, the Malmooth.  But they did not practice the same speech patterns as Chan Tho did.  That might have been some kind of cultural or religious practice so deeply ingrained into adherents like Chan Tho that it was impossible to break free of the practice.  Flemming and the others of their particular Malmooth race might not have been practitioners.

6)  A movie was made about the crash of the Byzantium.
Who knows what form movies would take so far into the future?  Not many TV shows have characters in or from the 51st Century, so I don't know who might have been an actor/director/screenwriter from that era.


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