Friday, January 1, 2016


Earlier today I wrote about how the combined timeline as seen in "The Wedding Of River Song" was a fertile ground for fan fiction.

And here's another example for some "Equel" time.

I found this photo-shopped picture of Bette Davis on one of the Facebook pages for 'Doctor Who'.  She's sporting one of those eye-drives seen in "The Wedding Of River Song".

From the TARDIS Data Core wiki:
The Eye Drive was a device used by the Silents to allow selected individuals, such as Madame Kovarian, to remember the memory-proof Silents running the order. An Eye Drive looked like an eye patch and was worn over the eye. The device formed a neural link with the wearer's mind and continually reminded them of the existence of the Silents.

So in the combined timelines of this alternate Toobworld, where Winston Churchill was the Holy Roman Emperor and Meredith Vieira got to interview Charles Dickens, it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Bette Davis was a member of the resistance, perhaps even the leader of it.  She was certainly bad-ass enough for the job.

She could show up in person in a fanfic story.  But should the series ever revisit that now-defunct timeline, they could use this picture and it would be a valid addition to the mythos.  It could be framed on the wall in resistance headquarters......


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