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The majority of street riots are instigated by wesen. It's not something we're proud of, and certainly not something the history books will tell you, but there it is. Here's a good example. Réveillon riots. Paris, 1789. 

That's a good one. Everyone thinks this started because one factory was unionized and the others weren't. But actually it was wesen factory owners going up against this guy, Réveillon, who was not wesen. 

Réveillon was Kehrseite, and they looked down on him. And here's the crazy irony, though. A lot of his workers were wesen, and they were loyal to him because he, you know, treated them well. 

The wesen who worked for Réveillon were targeted and killed in these riots. 


Right, so on the surface, looked like a union problem, but the truth is, it was a wesen problem. And this isn't the only example. I mean, the Boxer Rebellion, Draft Riots during the Civil War. I mean, the freaking Boston Tea Party. 

For more information... information... information... about the riots in the Trueniverse, click here.

Since wesen were involved in the Boston Tea Party and the Boxer Rebellion, that would then create a vague connection for 'Grimm' to 'Doctor Who'......

From the TARDIS Data Core Wiki:

The Boston Tea Party was an event in which the Ninth Doctor once told Rose Tyler he had participated. 
(TV: The Unquiet Dead)

The Doctor:
I saw the fall of Troy. World War V. 

I pushed boxes at the Boston Tea Party. 

Barbara Wright mentioned the Boston Tea Party in her attempt to confuse the Daleks. 
(TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Captain Jack Harkness was active in China during the rebellion, where he worked with explosives. 
(TV: 'Torchwood' - The Blood Line)

So there you have it, fanficcers.  If you were looking for that hook to bring the Doctor and the Grimm together in Portland, Oregon, perhaps Nick Burkhardt got a trip in the TARDIS back to December 16, 1977.  (But it would have to be the Doctor's Ninth [actually Tenth, because of the War Doctor] incarnation who teamed up with the detective....)


Big thanks to Caeric ArcLight for the image of Nick with the Doctor!  I can't believe there weren't any on the internet already.  it seems like such a natural mash-up, even moreso than one with 'Supernatural'.......

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