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This post might be your first visit to the Inner Toob blog, perhaps drawn here by the topic of 'Doctor Who'.  If so, you've landed in the middle of my annual "Who's On First" blogAthon, held every New Year's Day.  (Who's On First - get it?)

So you might not realize Inner Toob covers every topic imaginable when it comes to the greater TV Universe, the dimension of Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld, in particular.  And we have other categories that we run on a semi-regular basis, NOT just about 'Doctor Who'.  And two of those will be combined in this post - "Fanficcer's Friend" and "Equel Time".  (And no - that wasn't a misspelling.)

With "Fanficcer's Friend", I find pictures from outside the world of the Toob and use them to inspire possible fan fiction.  For instance, this picture of James Garner and David Jansen at some charity do:

That could be used to illustrate a story about Jim Rockford and Dr. Richard Kimble (after being exonerated) - combining 'The Rockford Files' with 'The Fugitive'.  It might even have been a natural if Roy Huggins was writing the story!  (But I think a better fit would be Rockford and fellow private eye 'Harry O' Orwell teaming up to investigate a case together.)

As for "Equel Time", that's when I look at events that could have been happening in Toobworld at the same time as a plot line in some other TV show was playing out.  Equels are the reason why a show like 'The Walking Dead' has to take place in some other TV dimension. (In its case, Zombie Toobworld); most other TV shows don't have the world overrun by zombies.)

I was inspired to use the term "equel" from this meme:

So how does this all lead back to the Doctor?


April 22, 2011.....
Something is wrong, in the fullest sense of the word. At first glance, the world seems fine, but upon closer inspection, dinosaurs, Romans, and other things throughout time have appeared. Oddly, nobody seems to be bothered by it, like it was part of every day life.

The War of the Roses enters its second year as London picnickers are warned not to feed the pterodactyls and Charles Dickens is interviewed on television about his new Christmas ghost special. Holy Roman Emperor Winston Churchill returns to Buckingham Senate on his personal mammoth.
(From the TARDIS Data Core)

Such a mish-mash of time periods and characters means that just about everybody was living at the same time in that freakish timeline.  Even if we never saw them, we can make the assumption that TV characters from other shows were on that Toobworld, albeit probably trapped in the garb and lifestyle from some other time period.

So that's my launch-pad for a new Who Equel - when I find pictures of actors best known for a particular modern day role (or Who knows?  Even Westerns!), but dressed in the costumes of some other era, we can claim that they were the incarnations of those iconic characters... but in that jumbled timeline dimension.

Here's my latest find for this bit o' wish-craft: Peter Lupus as IMF agent Willy Armitage.

From the Mission: Impossible wiki:
Willy Armitage was an I.M.F member usually chosen because of his strength, thus he usually ended up doing various taks that required great strength. In addition to heavy lifting, he was a skilled unarmed combatant.

Peter Lupus portrayed Armitage throughout "Mission: Impossible" the original series run.

But in that jumbled timeline, here's how he might have looked:

The screencap is from the 1964 "sword and sandal" movie "Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon".  Since it's outside the realm of television and therefore not locked into any pre-established use, we can make the claim that this is a picture of Willy Armitage as a 'Doctor Who' equel.

If it so inspires you, have a go.  Just remember to let me read what you came up with......


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