Friday, January 1, 2016


In the "Celestial Toymaker" storyline of 'Doctor Who', the King of Hearts was sometimes addressed as "Henry".  As Henry was a pawn of the Toymaker, he may have been an abducted human from Earth Prime-Time.  Looking through the credits of Campbell Singer, who played the King of Hearts, he had two other characters he played on TV named Henry:

'The Doctors'
Henry Morris
- Episode #1.85 (1970) ... Henry Morris

'The Newcomers'
Henry Burroughs
- Episode dated 7 December 1967 (1967) ... Henry Burroughs
- Episode dated 12 January 1968 (1968) ... Henry Burroughs
- Episode dated 14 August 1969 (1969) ... Henry Burroughs

Even though both appearances were broadcast after the 'Doctor Who', either one of these two characters could have been the Henry who became the King of Hearts.  The Toymaker is believed to have been a Time Lord, so he could have kidnapped his pawns at any point in Earth's history.


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