Monday, October 22, 2012


Right now, CBS is juggling about four TV dimensions on their schedule:

1] 'Blue Bloods'
2] 'Hawaii Five-O'
3] 'Elementary'

Everything else - from '2 Broke Girls' and 'CSI' to 'The Mentalist' and 'Partners' - takes place in the main Toobworld. 'Vegas' takes place in Earth Prime-Time's Past while the framing device of 'How I Met Your Mother' is set in its Future. (Unless of course it changes teh future history so much that it has to be banished to an alternate dimension.)

'Hawaii Five-O' is a remake; the original belongs in Toobworld1. They did a cross-over with 'NCIS: LA', but for those two episodes we were watching the 'NCIS: LA' cast from the Land of Remakes. (REALLY need to find a good name for that dimension!)

We might be able to reduce the number of TV dimensions on CBS if we combine 'Blue Bloods' and 'Hawaii Five-O'. Both of them have different people in positions of power then seen in the real world and Toobworld. With 'Hawaii Five-O' it's the governor, while it's the mayor and the police commissioner over in 'Blue Bloods'. Everything about that combination should be good as long as neither show mentions anybody else in those capacities - and why should they? The shows are located more than a continent apart from each other!

As for 'Elementary', I'm afraid that show is going to have a very lonely existence in its own dimension. Too many other dimensions have already established that Holmes operated in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, or at the very least acknowledged the existence of the books by Conan Doyle.

You know what? I'm wrong. There is one other production that could share the same dimension. It was a one-off TV movie in which Agatha Christie's Belgian detective was updated to modern times - Hercule Poirot in a very bad version of "Murder On The Orient Express".

Now it looks like CBS will be bringing in another TV dimension later this winter. 'Golden Boy' stars Theo James of 'Bedlam' (and who played the ill-fated Turkish diplomat Pamuk in 'Downton Abbey'). 'Golden Boy' is about a young cop who has a meteoric rise from a patrolman to detective and finally to the NYPD commissioner.

Right there 'Golden Boy' is blocked from joining either Earth Prime-Time, and it's not going to be welcomed by the Reagan family in 'Blue Bloods'.

It just may be that, like 'Elementary' was (until my sudden revelation a few minutes ago), 'Golden Boy' will be the sole occupant of its own TV dimension.



Robert Wronski said...

I thought you used to call your Land of Remakes by Earth-Prime Time Delay.

I use the very unoriginal TVCU2 (and TVCUThreebootiverse for third versions).

Toby O'B said...

Delay is for the dimension where the timeline was updated. I think so any way. LOL