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From Wikipedia:
Inspector (Tobias) Gregson, a Scotland Yard inspector, was first introduced in A Study
 in Scarlet (1887), and he subsequently appears in "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" (1893), "The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge" (1908) and "The Adventure of the Red Circle" (1911). Holmes declares him to be "the smartest of the Scotland Yarders," but given Holmes' opinion of the Scotland Yard detectives, this is not sweeping praise. In one of the stories Watson specifically mentions the callous and cool way in which Gregson moved. His rival in crimefighting at Scotland Yard is Inspector G. Lestrade.

Gregson first appears in A Study in Scarlet and is a polar opposite of another Yarder Doyle created, Inspector Lestrade. Lestrade and Gregson are such visual opposites, it indicates the barrier Doyle drew between them to emphasise their professional animosity. Gregson is tall, "tow-headed" (fair-haired) in contrast to shorter Lestrade's dark features and has "fat, square hands."

Of all the Yarders, Gregson comes the closest to meeting Sherlock Holmes on intellectual grounds while acknowledging Holmes's abilities, even admitting to Holmes once that he always feels more confident when he has Holmes's aid in a case.

Regrettably, he is bound within the confines of the law he serves, and the delay in getting his assistance turns to a near-complete tragedy in "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" because it takes so long to get his legal help. He also has some regrettable human flaws. During Study in Scarlet he laughs at the stupidity of his colleague, Lestrade, before Holmes and Watson, even though he is also on the wrong trail. In "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" it takes too long to engage his assistance in preventing a kidnapping and murder.

Unlike Lestrade, Gregson overlooks the little grey areas of the law, and in "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" overlooks Holmes' use of breaking of a window in order to enter a premises. Because of this, the life of Mycroft Holmes' fellow lodger is saved.

Gregson last appears in Doyle's "The Adventure of the Red Circle" under events that transpire in 1902 but are not published by Dr. Watson until 1911. In this last writing, Watson observes that:

Our official detectives may blunder in the matter of intelligence, but never in that of courage. Gregson climbed the stair to arrest this desperate murderer with the same absolutely quiet and businesslike bearing with which he would have ascended the official staircase of Scotland Yard. The Pinkerton man had tried to push past him, but Gregson had firmly elbowed him back. London dangers were the privilege of the London force.

Captain Gregson with Dr. Watson

From the 'Elementary' wiki:
Aidan Quinn as Captain Tobias Gregson of the New York City Police Department. He genuinely likes Holmes and the two have mutual respect for each other.

Captain Tobias Gregson (portrayed by actor Aidan Quinn) is a Captain in the New York City Police Department, and a primary character in 'Elementary'. In "Pilot" he states that after the 9/11 attacks he was sent over to London to observe how Scotland Yard operate counter terrorism which is where he met Sherlock who was, at the time, working homicide. 


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