Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Have you ever noticed that large urn behind 'Perry Mason' when he's sitting at his desk? I believe that urn contains the ashes of his dead mother.  I'm thinking that his mother, although never seen on the series, died during the run of the show. Because the urn wasn't always there in the office. For awhile there wasn't even a place back there where he could have placed an urn.

Here's the evolution of his office redecoration:


I suppose it could have been the ashes of his father, but there's just something about Mason that makes me think he was closer to his mother. And it's nothing to do with the actor Raymond Burr, not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that time and again Mason has shown a tender side towards his clients and others - even to the real murderers in some cases.  And I think that's something he probably learned from his mother.....



Mike Doran said...

I don't know how this fits into things overall, ...
... ever notice that abstract painting above the credenza?
It was on the wall behind Perry's desk for the whole nine years of the run.

The story goes that over the nine years, various cast and crew members would make slight alterations in the picture - lines, curves, small figures here and there - just to see if anyone would ever notice.

The Mason years were 1957-1966, long before anyone had ever dreamed of such things as screen caps.
Five-shows-a-week stripping?
Marathon showings on weekends?
Whole seasons available for home viewing?
Pish and tosh!
Who'd watch a mere TV show more than once - ever?

And my whole rumination started here because you noticed an urn on Mason's credenza - something I never noticed, and I've been seeing Mason since its original run.

So what are you gonna do now that I've told you about the painting?
Hmmmmm ...?

Toby O'B said...

I'm definitely going to start paying attention to that painting! Thanks for the info, Mike!