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Within the world of the Toob, the sinking of the RMS Titanic must be considered a fixed point in Time. It has to happen, despite the best efforts of misguided time travelers, because the deaths of those 1500 people are important to the continuation of the timeline. Certain individuals in History, mostly the non-famous, have been rescued from a pre-ordained death (the family in the 'Doctor Who' episode "The Fires Of Pompeii", many characters encountered in 'Quantum Leap'), and the obliteration of their deaths have not had any ramifications on the timeline. But for whatever reason, the continued existence of these poor souls in History would.


Phineas Bogg:
The first thing we have to do is find out how much time we have. 

Jeffrey Jones:
Are you crazy? We've got to stop this ship! 

Phineas Bogg:
Jeffrey, look... 

Jeffrey Jones:
Over a thousand people are gonna die. 
We can stop it. We can make it so it never happened. 

Phineas Bogg:
That's not what's wrong. 

Jeffrey Jones:
How can you say that? 

Phineas Bogg:
I know it's hard to understand, but sometimes history's cruel. 
There's, there's wars, disasters, injustices, 
but some of those things, 
no matter how much you want them not to happen, 
are supposed to happen. 

Jeffrey Jones:
But the Titanic... 

Phineas Bogg:
Is a terrible tragedy, but it's going to happen. 
It was in my guidebook; you learned it in school. 
We can't change that. But we can find out why the Omni's red. 
Maybe somebody's on board that isn't supposed to be. 
Maybe we can save somebody important before it goes down. 

Jeffrey Jones:
No! We can save them all! 

Phineas Bogg:
No, we can't.

The Titanic of the main Toobworld is the one that appears in every TV series which features it.  The differences in the recastaways of the historical figures is due to their presentation as being the viewpoint of the fictional characters who encounter them.  (Even if those fictional characters appear in the shot, we are seeing what they see.)

The Titanic as seen in the three TV movies or mini-series - "Titanic", "S.O.S. Titanic", and the new "Titanic" - are each relegated to a different TV dimension, in much the same way as had been done for historical figures like Presidents Kennedy, Washington, and Lincoln.


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