Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I've always been amused by how we can look at mice as heroes in cartoons, and yet we put out poison and set traps to kill them in real life. And that proved to be an example of life during prime-time in the series 'Grimm'....

The Mausehertz (or Mauzhertz) are a wesen species that resembled a rodent-human hybrid in its natural state. Monroe suggested that many of the early cartoonists were Mausehertz who used their talents in animation to sway public opinion to be favorable towards the mouse-folk. That's why we cheer on Jerry, Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonzalez, Pixie & Dixie.....

And Mickey Mouse.

So this probably means that the televersion of Walt Disney was a Mausehertz.

Here are a couple of pictures of Walt Disney in which he looks somewhat mousey.....

For Earth Prime-Time, Walt Disney was in the League of Themselves, portraying his own televersion. The appearances to his credit of course include his hosting duties for 'The Wonderful World Of Color' in which he practiced his serlinguistic skills. There was at least one episode of 'The Jack Benny Show' and I think he may have appeared in the opening episode for 'The Mickey Mouse Club'.

As for the portrayal of Disney by Len Cariou in a TV biopic about Annette Funicello, that would be set in an alternate TV dimension, probably the one for the TV movies of the week.


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