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George R.R. Martin

Kristian Nairn

'Game Of Thrones'

Winterfell, Westeros, Mondas

From the "Game Of Thrones Wiki":
Hodor is a recurring character in Game of Thrones. He is played by guest star Kristian Nair n and d├ębuts in the first episode of the first season, though he does not speak until the fourth episode. Hodor is a simple servant of House Stark and aids Bran Stark's mobility after he sustains a paralyzing injury.

Hodor is a stableboy serving at Winterfell. He is large and slow of wits, but is gentle and loyal to the Stark family. He is only capable of saying one word, "Hodor".

Now, I had said earlier in this ASOTV run that I would refrain from using any info from the "Wiki Of Ice And Fire" which is based on the books so as not to give away future plot points. (Mostly to protect myself.)

But I'm including this because it helps flesh out the character while not revealing any spoilers......

From the "Wiki Of Ice And Fire":
In the "Song of Ice and Fire" novels, Hodor is a the great-grandson of Old Nan, the oldest woman in the castle. Hodor's real name is Walder, but he is only capable of speaking the word, "Hodor," and has become named for it. The meaning of the word is unknown.

Here's our first introduction to Hodor:

And here's an interview with Mr. Nairn about Hodor and the Second Season......

It's only a theoretical assumption on my part that Westeros can be found on the Earth's twin planet Mondas.  And building from that, Mondas is the planet from which Eve Norta and her fellow refugees escaped, landing on Earth (as seen in "Probe 7 - Over And Out" of 'The Twilight Zone'.)  So certain Earthlings have Mondasian blood in them, which would splain why there are Toobworld citizens who look like characters from 'Game Of Thrones' - Sarah Conner, John Amsterdam, Bill Miller, Governor Tommy Carcetti, Dr. Arthur Ramsey, and Richard Sharpe.

But I don't think any Toobworldlings are descended from Hodor - even if he does look like Father Murphy.....


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