Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Robert Wronski, Jr. is a comrade in crossovers. He's a big supporter of the Toobworld Dynamic and a fellow fan of Farmer's Wold Newton Universe. And he is building his own world of crossovers called the TVCU - the Television Crossover Universe, but so much more is involved than just TV shows. (The link for the Television Crossover Universe is to the left, Myspace Invaders!)

Robert also moderates a shared forum in Facebook called The Crossovers Forum, which is constantly being replenished with great crossovers involving comic books, toys, novels, songs.... And that's where he posted the following suggestion:

Is Mr. Sweet also perhaps the glee club teacher in 'Community'? Or is there more than one musical demon, accounting for groups that are affected over a longer term period, like in 'Glee' and 'High School Musical'?

And apparently Regionals was invented by this demonic force.

The Greendale Glee Club teacher was responsible for the deaths of two different sets of Glee Clubs and had the power to turn the normal world into a musical.

In case you're not familiar with Mr. Sweet, he was an inter-dimensional demon (portrayed by Hinton Battle) seen in "Once More, With Feeling", the musical episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

Here's a thumbnail sketch of Sweet from the Buffy Wiki:

Sweet was the nickname of a powerful demon whose mere presence could cause the inhabitants of an area he visits [to] burst into song and dance, which would lead to some of the victims to spontaneously combust. 

He also had certain reality-bending abilities, allowing him to change the color of his suit from red to blue, rip out his still singing mouth without harm, creating a door to the streets in the middle of The Bronze, and changing Dawn's outfit from a blue top and black pants to a tan top and blue skirt. He also had teleportation powers and could sense Willow Rosenberg's raw magical power.

In 2005, Sweet was inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for October, because even though he only appeared in that one 'Buffy' episode, I think it would seem O'Bvious that he was working behind the scenes in several other shows - like 'Cop Rock' and 'Hull High' and perhaps even the British 'Pennies From Heaven'. (If there are Bollywood TV shows in India, I wouldn't put it past Sweet to be operating there as well.)

Demons have the power to alter their appearance, and as we see in the above description, Sweet the Demon not only could change the color of his suit, but he could rip his mouth out of his face with no harm done. So to be able to transform himself from a humanoid that resembled dancer Hinton Battle to a white-bread suburban Taran Killam look-a-like would have been child's play.

Cory Radisson, the glee club director of Greendale Community College, admitted that he was responsible for the deaths of the former club members on a bus - they probably were all singing and dancing onboard until spontaneous combustion set the bus on fire and over a cliff. And the next glee club ended up in a psychiatric unit.

Pretty demonic behavior if you ask me.....

And as for that name change from Sweet* to Cory Radisson?

"You got a name?"
"I've got a hundred."

Thanks for making me see that scene in a new light, Robert!


* The name of Sweet was never mentioned during the episode. However, there was a screen credit for the "Sweet Makeup", so fans called the demon Mr. Sweet. This is one time when an end credit does matter in Toobworld......


Robert Wronski said...

I just realized this makes the appearance on Community of a binder that says Sunnydale much more significant.

I'm not sure what the significance might be, but there must be a connection. Neither of us are the types to ignore coincidences when it comes to TV reality.

Toby O'B said...

Someone who previiously owned that book went to Greendale and was from Sunnydale originally. Someone who knew how to summon Sweet..... Just riffing for now; not sure if there had to be a connection..... But something to ponder.