Sunday, April 15, 2012


The sinking of the Titanic has been a fascination for the television medium since perhaps the medium began. (Definitely since before I was born - in May of 1955, 'You Are There' visited that fateful day in 1912.)

As we are seeing now with the collapse of the World Trade Center, fictional characters took their place among the real people in many different depictions of the Titanic's sinking. Here is a list of just some of them:

Lady Marjorie Bellamy
Lord Southwold
Marion Worsely
Miss Roberts 
(Lady Marjorie's personal maid was the only survivor of the four)

Patrick Crawley
(The heir to the family fortune may have survived, but was believed dead)

Dr. Doug Phillips
Dr. Tony Newman
Althea Hall
(All survived)

Phineas Bogg
Jeffrey Jones
Olivia Dunn (another Voyager)
Suzanne Brandes
the "Mona Lisa"
(All survived)
Haggerty and his two henchmen
(It appears they perished.)

Harry Zieff
Cara Leslie
(Mr. Zieff sacrificed his life to save that of Miss Leslie.)

Eric Farley
Grace Montgomery
(Eric perished, but managed to get his fiance Grace into a lifeboat.)

(A 'Lone Survivor' is found in the North Atlantic, three years after the Titanic sank. He is in a lifeboat and dressed in woman's clothing. It becomes clear he is a soul trapped forever to pay for his cowardice. Although not named, this could be the soul of J. Bruce Ismay.....)

A new timeline was created when Balthazar changed history by preventing the ship from sinking. Fate then stepped in, killing everyone who should have died on that voyage.

The Ninth Incarnation of the Doctor (although his Fourth Incarnation denied it.)
(The Time Lord survived)
The Daniels Family never boarded as they were going to, due to the Doctor.

There may be more. What you should do is keep an eye on the blog "The Flaming Nose". (Link to the Left, me mateys!) My blogging buddette Lisa has several of these episodes linked in a series of posts so that you can see them for yourself. (But it gives nothing away to reveal that the ship still sinks at the end.)


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Thanks for the shout-out, Toby! And where did you get your Voyagers footage -- I couldn't find it anywhere! Good for you!! xoxox