Saturday, April 21, 2012


One thing I enjoy doing with the Tele-Folks Directory of the Toobworld Dynamic is expanding the backstory of TV characters (and in some cases, "foresee" what their futures may bring.) It would be preferable to have some "hard" evidence to back up the claims, found in other TV shows, but I'm not averse to making theoretical connections to other shows without visual evidence.

But at least this time, I have the visuals to make a convincing argument.....

Jamie Lee Curtis has begun a recurring role on 'NCIS' as Dr Samantha Ryan, who works in PsyOps at the Department of Defense. She had been at the Naval War College, probably as an instructor or a psychiatric consultant, at the same time Director Vance had been there.

This doesn't mean she attended the Naval War College near Newport, Rhode Island. But she might have been invited to attend in order to gain another master's degree once she was working for the military. But she would have attended college somewhere else in the country for her bachelor's degree in the 1970's.

And I'm going to suggest she did so in Los Angeles, perhaps at the Keck School of Medicine to study psychiatry and behavioral sciences.

And like most college students, she probably took a job on the side to pay her expenses.
Just for the (relative) freedom in setting up a work schedule that could accommodate her class schedule, Samantha may have taken a job as a waitress.

And if so, then we saw her on the job........

Jamie Lee Curtis has expressed an interest in becoming a regular on 'NCIS'. Along those lines, she might also then play the role of Dr. Samantha Ryan on an episode of 'NCIS: LA'. And if she does that, then she'd be eligible for membership in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, on a Birthday Honors scholarship, of course.

I'm dedicating this post to my Auntie Ellie, my Godmother, who's a big fan of 'NCIS'.  And who let us come over to her cottage to watch 'Columbo' up at the Lake back during its first-run, because they could get NBC in Third Bay.  (Back in those pre-cable days, we couldn't get the signal in First Bay.....)


While writing this up, it occurred to me that she's not the only one in her family who's acted with the late Peter Falk. Her Mom, Janet Leigh, was the guest star in the 'Columbo' episode "Forgotten Lady", and her Dad, Tony Curtis, worked with Falk in the movie "The Great Race".

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