Monday, February 20, 2012


I’ve yet to be discovered,
even though I’m singing in everyone’s face
and being all cute and adorkable.
How come that works for Zooey Deschanel?”
Joy Scroggs
'Hot In Cleveland'

There was no mention of Zooey's TV series 'New Girl', where the term "adorkable" might have originated. (I've seen online references to it in connection with Adam Brody of 'The O.C.', but it's 'New Girl' that gave it wider usage, which is why it won the Toobits Award last year for best coined word.)

So Joy was speaking about Zooey Deschanel as herself, not as Jess. Zooey may have been one of Joy's former clients when she was THE eyebrow waxer to the stars....


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