Saturday, February 25, 2012


'Karen Sisco'
'Justified' (maybe.....)

Carla Gugino

Elmore Leonard

Earth Prime-Time

(Book & Movie - "Out Of Sight", Short Story - "Karen Makes Out")

From Wikipedia:
'Karen Sisco' is a television series about a fictional United States Marshal created by novelist Elmore Leonard. The series debuted in October of 2003 on ABC.

As a U.S. Deputy Marshal, based on Miami, Florida's Gold Coast, Karen must deal with the underbelly of South Beach nightlife and Palm Beach high-life while tracking down fugitives. She also struggles to win the respect of her fellow officers. Karen occasionally gets advice from her father, a retired Miami police officer turned private investigator. He’s Karen’s confidant, counselor, and confessor. He is also her rock when her confidence wavers.

From TV Line:
In Season 3 of the acclaimed drama, Gugino will play Karen Goodall, a Washington, D.C.-based assistant director of the U.S. Marshals Service who used to work with Raylan back in Miami — and as such shares a history with our favorite trigger-happy lawman.

Goodall, who is twice-divorced and described as “tough, smart and funny,” comes to Kentucky to help safeguard hidden witnesses who have become vulnerable after the murder of a U.S. Marshal.
- Matt Webb Mitovich

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Episode two [of the third season of 'Justified'] also introduces a character who may be familiar to fans of a previous TV series based on an Elmore Leonard character.

Carla Gugino, who starred as the title character in ABC's 2003-04 show 'Karen Sisco,' appears as a U.S. marshal from Miami. It sounds like 'Justified' producers wouldn't mind if viewers assume she's once again playing Karen Sisco.

"I don't think you ever hear her first name," Mr. Yost said, playing coy. "Deputy Director Goodall, is that what we settled on?"

But in the episode it's made clear Raylan and the deputy director have some sort of a history and he's surprised to hear her called Goodall -- her married name. So the character could still be Karen Sisco.

When asked if Ms. Gugino's character would have a father played by Robert Forster, who played Karen Sisco's father, Mr. Yost again dodged.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Mr. Yost said, smiling.
- Rob Owen

It feels as if the TV producers of 'Justified' are doing the work for me in this "Game Of The Name" theoretical connection. As such, I feel it's justified to consider the link to be real.


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