Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On Sunday night, PBS presented the Christmas special for 'Downton Abbey' as the second season final for the series. And even though the American audience didn't get to see it (officially) until February, it still presented us with a Toob-worthy Christmas present.

George Murray returned to the show (having already been seen in the very first episode) as the lawyer for the Grantham family. It was early 1920 and he was advising the family (and the housemaid Anna) on the options before them now that Mr. Bates was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. (Mr. Bates was the valet for Lord Robert Grantham but more importantly, he was married to Anna.)

Farther into the future of the Toobworld timeline, although the character was portrayed decades earlier, there was a clerk working in the chambers of Horace Rumpole by the name of Henry.

As he appeared in episodes mostly set in the 1980's, we're going to file a brief that Henry was George Murray's grandson.  And that he followed his grandfather into the family business.

We never learned what Henry's last name was in the 'Rumpole' series (from what I can remember with questionable support from the IMDb), he could easily have been Henry Murray. If he does have a recorded surname that is different, that doesn't ruin this de-Zonking. Henry could be the son of George Murray's daughter!

(Both characters were portrayed by Jonathan Coy......)


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