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Even those only slightly familiar with 'Doctor Who' must know that he "regenerates" when close to death. This is a brilliant cover for a casting change in which the next actor to assay the role doesn't have to mimic the quirks of his predecessor.

But what exactly happens to the Doctor on the cellular level during these regenerations? Does his DNA recombine from what's available or does it completely transform into a new helix of chromosomes?

Or can a Time Lord's body absorb on contact the DNA of those around him (or her) to draw upon when it comes time to regenerate?

Maybe the Fourth Incarnation of the Doctor - in an un-televised adventure - encountered Tristan Farnon as seen in 'All Creatures Great And Small'. Having absorbed the basics of his DNA structure, the Doctor had something to draw upon when the time for regeneration began.

One could go through the IMDb resumes of all the actors who played the Doctor to find characters who could reasonably have met the Doctor as played by their predecessor. Troughton roles who could have met the First Doctor; Eccleston roles encountered by the Eighth Doctor - that sort of thing.

It's just a whimsical theory until we remember that the Fifth Incarnation of the Doctor was shot by Commander Maxil in "Arc Of Ininity".
And Commander Maxil looked just like the Sixth Incarnation of the Doctor... eventually.

So if each incarnation at one time met the template for their eventual replacement, which role would you pick to be that DNA donor?

I think to keep the theory valid, we must keep the Maxil/Sixth Doctor pairing (seen at the top of the page). And I'm sort of mind-locked into the idea of the Fourth Doctor meeting Tristan Farnon. But still there are plenty of other possibilities.

So I'd like to hear your suggestions.

If the Doctor absorbed the DNA of a TV character played by the next actor in the line of succession, who would you choose?

1st Doctor - Patrick Troughton Character

2nd Doctor - Jon Pertwee Character

3rd Doctor - Tom Baker Character

4th Doctor - Tristan Farnon, 'All Creatures Great And Small'

5th Doctor - Commander Maxil, 'Doctor Who' ("Arc Of Infinity")

6th Doctor - Sylvester McCoy Character

7th Doctor - Paul McGann Character

8th Doctor - Christopher Eccleston Character.

9th Doctor - David Tennant Character

10th Doctor - Matt Smith Character

11th Doctor - Well, we'll just have to wait and see.....

I'd like to hear from you with your ideas! Drop me a note!


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