Monday, January 2, 2012


I meant to share this on Saturday, being the last day of the year and usually the first day of the Inner Toob video weekend. But if you follow my blog on a regular basis, you know I was knee-deep in the "Who-pla" - writing like a madman to meet my deadlines for the 3rd annual "Who's On First" marathon.
But in a way, it's better that I'm late (but not the late Toby O'B!) because now that the first of the year frenzy is over, you should have time to savor these tributes to those we lost in 2011.

These are not restricted to people involved in the world of the Toob. TCM is rightfully focused on the people who enriched our movie-going experiences, but some of them - like James Arness and Peter Falk - also cross over to television. (And at least with those two examples, they made a bigger impact in Toobworld.)

CBS is all over the map with people who made a difference in all venues of entertainment plus the worlds of politics, technology, and those of just sheer personality.

As always, I kept my own list of those we lost who were connected to television and I hope to have that up later today.

Goodnight and may God bless.......

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