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These are the people who passed away in 2011 who made an impact on the TV Universe in some way. I may have missed quite a few, especially from outside the United States, so I apologize for those I've left out. (But if you don't find someone listed here, please let me know and I'll add them in.)

I couldn't have done this alone; it would never have been possible had it not been for the information I would glean from my blogmates Bill Crider and Ivan G. Schreve, and from the Boot Hill blog, which was instrumental in adding many of the foreign entries.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll kindly doff your caps....

Yvette Vickers ('Dragnet', 'Switch', 'The Rebel', died in 2010 - but body found at least a year later in April 2011)
Per Oscarsson (Swedish actor) Probably died New Year's Eve
Anne Francis ('Honey West')
Pete Postlethwaite ('Criminal Justice', 'The Sins')
Peter Hobbs ('Secret Storm', 'Lou Grant')
Patricia Smith ('The Bob Newhart Show', 'The Debbie Reynolds Show')
Jill Haworth ('Cabaret' original, many TV guest spots)
Josef Shiloach (Israeli TV actor, 'Carlos')
Aron Kinkaid ('Bachelor Father')
Margot Stevenson ('Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea', 'Hallmark Hall of Fame')
Peter Donaldson (Canadian actor, 'Avonlea', 'Emily of New Moon')
John Dye ('Touched By An Angel')
Susannah York ('Holby City'/'Casualty' (same character), 'Trainer', 'We'll Meet Again')
Paul Picerni ('The Untouchables')
Herb Mitchell (many TV roles)
Toshiyuki Hosokawa (Japanese TV actor)
Bruce Gordon ('The Untouchables')
Helene Palmer ('Coronation Street')
Patti Gilbert ('Batman', voiceover actress)
Jay Garner ('Buck Rogers In The 25th Century')
Tura Satana ('Burke's Law')
Jean Bartel ('The Gale Storm Show', 'Perry Mason', 'Focus on Women' & 'It's A Woman's World')
Jane Russell ('The Yellow Rose')
Michael Gough ('Doctor Who', 'Pride and Prejudice')
Lena Nyman ('Ture Sventon privatedetektiv', "I Am Curious Yellow")
Maria Schneider ('Maigret', 'Navarro', 'L'or noir de Lornac', and of course, "Last Tango In Paris")
Michael Tolan ('The Senator', 'The Doctors', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show')
Peggy Rea ('The Waltons', 'Grace Under Pressure')
Marie Lillo ('Baretta', 'The White Shadow', 'Law & Order')
Betty Garrett ('Laverne & Shirley', 'All In The Family')
Kenneth Mars ('He & She', 'Malcolm In The Middle', "The Producers", "Young Frankenstein")
T.P. McKenna ('The Sweeney', 'Doctor Who')
Len Lesser ('Seinfeld', 'Everybody Loves Raymond')
Margaret John ('Gavin & Stacy', 'Game Of Thrones')
James Elliott ('Number 96')
Alfred Burke ('The Public Eye')
Cayle Chernin ('Queer As Folk', 'Little Mosque On The Prairie')
Nick LaTour ('227', 'Baby, I'm Back')
Louie Ramsay ('The Ruth Rendell Mysteries')
Jeanette Bati (French actress)
Peter Alexander (Austrian actor, 'The Peter Alexander Show')
Jon Cedar ('Hogan's Heroes')
Michael Habeck (German voice actor, dubbed 'The Muppet Show', 'Sesame Street', 'The Flintstones')
White Eagle/Basil Heath ('The Totem Club' children show, 'Wagon Train')
Hellmut Lange (German actor)
Nicholas Courtney ('Doctor Who')
Hailah Stoddard ('The Secret Storm')
Elizabeth Taylor ('Here's Lucy', "Divorce His, Divorce Hers", 'General Hospital')
Helen Stenborg (“L.A. Law,” “Spenser: for Hire,” St. Elsewhere” and “Homicide: Life on the Street”)
James Pritchett (Emmy winner for role in 'The Doctors')
Skip O'Brien ('CSI')
Wayne Robson ('The Red Green Show')
Trevor Bannister ('Are You Being Served?', 'Last Of The Summer Wine')
Michael Sarrazin ('Frankenstein: The True Story')
Elisabeth Sladen ('Doctor Who', 'The Sarah Jane Adventures')
Angela Scoular ('You Rang, M'Lord?')
William Campbell ('Star Trek' - Koloth and Squire Trelane)
Jackie Cooper ('The People's Choice', 'Hennessey')
Marian Mercer ('Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman', 'It's A Living', 'The Jonathan Winters Show')
Sada Thompson ('Family')
Dana Wynter ('McMillan & Wife', 'Burke's Law')
Mary Murphy (lots of guest roles, best known though for 'The Wild One')
Edward Hardwicke (2nd Watson to Jeremy Brett's 'Sherlock Holmes')
Ross Hagen ('Daktari')
Barbara Stuart ('Great Gildersleeve', 'Pete & Gladys', 'Huff', Bunny on 'Gomer Pyle')
Bill Hunter (Australian actor, 3 Aussie Oscars, 'The Pacific', 'Prisoner', 'Stark', 'Spyforce')
Phyllis Avery ('Meet Mr. McNulty')
Jeff Conaway ('Taxi', 'Wizards & Warriors', 'Babylon 5')
Michael Waltman ('ER', 'NYPD Blue', 'Carnivale')
Miriam Karlin ('So Haunt Me', two versions of 'The Rag Trade')
Irene Gilbert ('Cannon', 'Barnaby Jones', director of Actor's Studio, LA)
Janet Brown (English impressionist)
Clarice Taylor ('The Cosby Show')
James Arness ('Gunsmoke')
Miriam Karlin ('Rag Trade' - Britcom)
Roy Skelton ( voice actor - 'Rainbow' and 'Doctor Who')
Jon Blake (New Zealand TV actor)
Grant Sullivan ('Pony Express')
Don Diamond ('Kit Carson', 'Zorro', 'F Troop')
Lightning Bear (actor, stunt coordinator)
Paul Massie ("Hawkeye the Pathfinder")
Art Balinger ('Dragnet')
Claudia Bryar (character actress, 'Father Knows Best', 'Wanted: Dead Or Alive', 'Dr. Kildare'))
Peter Falk ('Columbo', 'Trials of O'Brien')
Alice Playten ('The Lost Saucer', "Disco Beavers From Outer Space")
Margaret Tyzack ('The Forsyte Saga', 'I, Claudius', 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles')
Edith Fellows ('Pursuit Of Happiness', 'ER', 'St. Elsewhere', 'Cagney & Lacey')
Anthony Herrera ('As The World Turns', 'Y&R')
Nico Minardos (guest star roles in 'Maverick', 'The Flying Nun', 'The Mod Squad', 'Alias Smith And Jones', 'The Twilight Zone')
Shelby Grant ('Medical Center')
Patricia Merbreier ('Captain Noah and His Magic Ark')
Anna Massey ('Poirot - The Clocks', "The Pallisers," "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," "Oliver Twist" )
Gordon Tootoosis ('North of 60', 'Auf Wiedersein, Pet', 'Blackstone', 'Wapos Bay', 'First Nation')
Billy Beck ('Lou Grant', 'Falcon Crest')
Roberts Blossom (guest roles, but best known for 'Home Alone')
Paul Michael ('Dark Shadows', Marion Ross' partner)
Googie Withers ('Within These Walls')
GD Spradlin ('Houston: The Legend of Texas", "Robert Kennedy And His Times", Columbo)
Christopher Meyer ('Dukes Of Hazzard')
Peggy Craven Lloyd (also wife of Norman Lloyd)
Linda Christian ('Climax' - "Casino Royale")
Tom Aldredge ('The Sopranos', 'Boardwalk Empire')
Tresa Hughes ('Ryan's Hope', 'Ed')
Jane White ('The Edge Of Night', 'Search For Tomorrow')
Bubba Smith ('Half Nelson', 'Semi-Tough', 'Good Times', 'Open All Night', 'Blue Thunder')
John Wood ('Barnaby Rudge', 'A Tale Of Two Cities')
Eve Brent (Jane in some Tarzan movies, 'Scrubs', 'Community')
Cliff Robertson ('Washington: Behind Closed Doors', 'Falcon Crest', 'The Twilight Zone', 'Outer Limits', "The Man Without A Country", AT&T spokesman)
Norma Eberhardt ('Wild Bill Hickock', 'Hogan's Heroes', 'Dragnet')
Mary Fickett ('All My Children', first actress to win Daytime Drama Emmy)
Andy Whitfield, ('Spartacus')
Frances Bay ('Seinfeld', 'Twin Peaks')
Jorge Lavat (dubbed "The Addams Family," "The Untouchables", "The Time Tunnel" and "The Green Hornet" - Mexico)
Charles Napier ('The Critic', 'Star Trek')
Doris Belack ('Law & Order', 'One Life To Live')
Diane Cilento ('Rogue's Gallery', 'Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left')
Patricia Breslin ('The People's Choice', 'General Hospital', 'Peyton Place', 'The Twilight Zone')
Paul Kent (different roles in different TV productions of 'Helter Skelter', "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan", many guest spots)
Betty Driver ('Coronation Street')
Sue Lloyd ('The Baron', 'His & Hers', 'Crossroads')
Jean Amadou ('Lucky Luke', 'Aubrac City', 'Bebete's Show' - French)
Dale Berry ('Walker, Texas Ranger')
Poul Glargaard ('Everybody Loves Debbie' - Swedish)
Kalus-Peter Thiele ('Archiv de Todos' - German)
Marilyn Nash (best known for Monsieur Verdoux)
Shirley Chambers ('My Mother The Car', movies' first dumb blonde)
Jerry Haynes (Mr. Peppermint - a kids show character in North Texas)
Mick Lea ('Deadwood')
Alejandro Parodi ('Penthouse' - Mexico)
Leonard Stone ('Camp Runamuck', 'L.A. Law', 'The Twilight Zone', best known for "Willy Wonka")
Sid Melton ('Make Room For Daddy', 'Green Acres', 'The Golden Girls')
Phyllis Love (Have Gun--Will Travel, Ben Casey, Bus Stop, The Twilight Zone, The Untouchables, The Outer Limits, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Dr. Kildare, The Fugitive, The F.B.I., and Ironside. In the Seventies she appeared on such shows as Bonanza and Harry-O)
Wyatt Knight (Promised a Miracle", "Those She Left Behind" and "Maniac Magee"/ Best known for the 3 Porky's films)
Margaret Field O'Mahoney (many guest roles, also Sally Field's mother)
Heavy D ('Boston Public', 'Roc', 'The Tracy Morgan Show', and 'Bones')
Georgina Cookson ('The Prisoner')
Susan Gordon ('My Three Sons', 'The Twilight Zone')

Denny Niles ('The Rebel')
Edson Stroll ('McHale’s Navy')
Sheila Burrell ('Cold Comfort Farm')
Christopher Mayer ('Dukes of Hazzard')
David Ngoombujarra ('Parallax', 'The Circuit')
Harold L. Norman, Sr. (“Bonanza,” “The Rifleman,” “Rawhide,” “Wagon Train,” “The High Chaparral” and “Lassie” roles)
Alan Fudge ('The Man From Atlantis', 'Eischied', '7th Heaven')
Dolores Duffy ('Strangers With Candy')
Richard Morant ('Tom Brown's School Days', 'Poldark')
Maureen Swanson, Lady Dudley (Rank films)
Alan Sues ('Laugh-In', 'The Twilight Zone')
Judy Lewis ('The Outlaws', 'Search For Tomorrow', 'General Hospital', secret daughter of Loretta Young and Clark Gable)
Bill McKinney ('Columbo', 'Ironside')
Harry Morgan ('MASH', 'Dragnet', 'Pete & Gladys', 'December Bride', 'Blacke's Magic', 'Kentucky Jones', 'Hec Ramsey')
Dan Frazer ('Kojak')
Robert Easton (character actor, dialect coach)
Kaye Stevens ('Family Affair', 'CHiPs' - associated with Rat Pack)
Cheetah (maybe, maybe not)

David Nelson ('Ozzie & Harriet')
Margaret Whiting ('Those Whiting Girls')
Carolin "Sexy Cora" Berger (German reality TV star, died after 6th breast enla operation)
Jack LaLanne (TV fitness guru)
Barry Lee Hoba (Dr. Creep on Dayton, Ohio's 'Shock Theatre')
Charlie Callas (Comedian, 'Switch')
David Frye (impressionist)
Bob Cook (Visa's "Never Missed A Super Bowl Club")
Justin Tennison ('Deadliest Catch')
Ed Rothhaar (host, "I Remember Television')
Norma Zimmer (Lawrence Welk's "Champagne Lady")
Mike DeStefano (finished fourth in latest 'Last Comic Standing')
Mike Starr (Alice In Chains bassist, 'Celebrity Rehab')
DJ Megatron (BET personality)
Roger Abbott (The Royal Canadian Air Farce)
Bill Nimmo (announcer, 'Who Do You Trust')
Bill Skiles (Skiles and Henderson comedy team)
Phil Shepardson Massachusetts college professor who became a popular local TV celebrity first with a children’s show called The Wicky Wacky Cloud and then a quiz program, As Schools Match Wits—seen on stations WWLP and WGBY since 1961
Randy Savage (wrestler, many shows as himself)
Wally Boag (Disneyland comic)
Jeanne Bice (QVC - Quacker Factory sales rep)
Ryan Dunn ('Jackass')
Clarence Clemons (E Street Band, The Wire, MY Wife And Kids, Til Death, Diff'rent Strokes, Nash Bridges)
Elaine Stewart (sexy 50's actress who starred in game shows High Rollers and Gambit created by her husband Merrill Heatter)
Betty Ford ('Dynasty', 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show')
Milly DelRubio (last of the DelRubio triplets - Night Court, Married With Children, full House)
Eleanor Mondale (Poling) (TV commentator, some small TV roles)
Don Lapre, (TV Pitchman, suicide while in jail)
Larry Zarian (former Glendale, Ca. mayor who had his own cable show)
Sir Jimmy Savile ('Jim'll Fix It')
Smokin' Joe Frazier
George Ansbro (ABC announcer, 'One Life To Live' - for over 58 years)

Allen Sloane, (KABC weatherman)
Bob Young (ABC news)
Bill Monroe (Meet The Press moderator)
Jan Petrovich (CNN executive)
Joseph Dyer (KCBS executive and reporter)
David Broder (Pulitzer columnist for Washington Post, appeared on 'Meet The Press' more than anybody)
Daryl Hawks (Chicago NBC sports anchor)
Mark Haines (CNBC anchor)
Nick Charles (CNN sports anchor)
Rollin Post (KPIX, KQED and KRON broadcast journalist)
Robert Pierpoint (CBS News, MASH finale)
Andy Rooney ('60 Minutes')
Hal Bruno (Director of Election Coverage at ABC)
Christopher Hitchins (author, frequent guest on 'Charlie Rose', 'The Daily Show', 'Real Time')

Herman Groves (many TV Western credits)
Del Reisman (WGA West President, many writing credits)
Christopher Trumbo ('Ironside', 'Falcon Crest', 'Quincy M.E.' - son of Dalton Trumbo)
Nicholas Geiss ('Sesame Street')
Donald S. Sanford ('Laramie', 'Bonanza', 'Gunsmoke', 'Dr. Kildare')
Dwayne Mc (superhero scribe, comic books and cartoon series)
Lanford Wilson (playwright, sitcom based on his "Hot L Baltimore")
Arthur Marx ('Petticoat Junction', 'McHale's Navy', 'My Three Sons', son of Groucho)
Madelyn Pugh Davis, ('I Love Lucy')
Sol Saks (creator of 'Bewitched')
Sidney MIchaels ('Johnny Staccato', 'The Deputy')
Arthur Laurents ('Gypsy')
Bob Block ('Granddad', 'Rentaghost', British 'Family Affair')
John Sullivan ('Only Fools And Horses', 'Dear John')
Burt Styler ('The Carol Burnett Show', 'Gilligan's Island')
Robert White ('Search For Tomorrow', 'The Virginian', My Favorite Martian', 'He-Man')
Sam Denoff (partnered with Bill Persky on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' & 'That Girl')
Alfred Brenner (Studio One, The United States Steel Hour, Kraft Television Theatre, Justice, Appointment With Adventure, Armstrong Circle Theatre)
David Croft (writer-producer, Dad's Army, Are You Being Served?)
Hal Kanter ('Julia')
Edie Stephenson (created the Mikey campaign for Life cereal)
Joe Bodolai ('Saturday Night Live')

Peter Yates ('Secret Agent', "Koroshi", 'The Saint', best known for "Bullitt" & "Breaking Away")
Charles Jarrott ("Poor Little Rich Girl", "The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde")
Charles F. Haas (WB Westerns and detective shows, Mickey Mouse Club)
John MacKenzie (British director)
Jack Semmens (music video director, suicide)
Bill Foster ('Benson', 'Amen')
Paul Marius ('Prime Suspect', 'Maigret')
Sidney Lumet ('12 Angry Men', '100 Centre Street')
Bruce Ricker ('American Masters' and independent documentaries)
David Pressman (3 time Emmy winner for 'One Life To Live', 'The Defenders', 'NYPD')
Charles S. Dubin ('MASH', 1965's "Cinderella", Emmy for 'Mathnet', "Kojak," "Lou Grant," "Hawaii Five-O," "Matlock," "Father Dowling Mysteries," "Cannon," "Ironside," "The Virginian" and "The Defenders.")
Joe Aceti (TV sports, including Olympics, World Series, and "The Thrilla In Manila")
Allan A. Buckhantz ('Matinee Theatre', 'The Dakotas', "Hans Brinker")
Tom Donovan ('Another World', 'Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing')
Robert Collins ('Police Woman')
Ken Russell ('Omnibus', 'Monitor', "Treasure Island", "Alice In Russialand")
Larry Rickles (Emmy winning director for documentary about his dad, Don)

Stephanie Staffin Kowal ('Centennial', "Harvest Home")
Frank Chirkinian (Father of Televised Golf)
John Cossette (Grammys producer)
Al Morgan ('Today')
Roger Gimbel ('The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman', 'The Amazing Howard Hughes')
Jeff Gralnick (Executive producer for the evening news at ABC, CBS, and revamped NBC's Nightly News in the 1990's)
Joseph Wershba ('See It Now', '60 Minutes')
Bob Banner ('The Carol Burnett Show')
Kara Kennedy (documentaries)
Irving Elman (Matt Lincoln," "Slattery's People" and "The High Chaparral," )
Patricia Marie Finnegan ("Lincoln", 'She-Wolf Of London')

John Barry ('The Persuaders!', James Bond movies)
John Strauss ('Car 54, Where Are You?')
Andrew Gold ("Thank You For Being My Friend", "Mad About You")
Fred Steiner ('Perry Mason', 'Have Gun Will Travel', 'Hogan's Heroes')
Pete Rugolo ('The Fugitive', 'Run For Your Life')

Don Kirshner (TV host - 'The Midnight Special', music producer)
Charles Sellier, Jr. (Producer, writer, director - 'Grizzly Adams')
Walter Seltzer (press agent, producer)
Anne Diamond (actress, writer - 'Dragnet', 'Tombstone Territory')
Edward Stephenson (producer, art director - Emmys for 'Soap', 'The Andy Williams Show', "An Evening with Fred Astaire")
Peter Stelzer (actor - 'Scarecrow & Mrs. King' & producer - "Miss Evers' Boys")
Leonard Stern (producer-writer, 'Get Smart', 'He & She', 'I'm Dickens, He's Fenster')
Paul Alter (Game show producer-director, "Family Feud," "I've Got a Secret," "The Price Is Right," "To Tell the Truth" and "What's My Line?" He won Daytime Emmy Awards for directing in 1982 for "Family Feud" and in 1996 for "The Price Is Right." He also was a producer for "Tattletales" and "Beat the Clock.")
Robert Foster (writer-producer-story editor, 'Knight Rider', 'Bold Ones- The Lawyers')
Preston Wood (director - 'We The People' & 'Holiday Hotel', story editor - The Wild Wild West. He wrote episodes of Bonanza, Mr. Novak, Slattery’s People, The Virginian, The Addams Family, The Patty Duke Show, Rawhide, Destry, Gunsmoke, Matt Lincoln, Little House on the Prairie, Quincy M.E., Kaz, and Jessica Novak. writer - 'Adam-12' & 'Emergency')
Frank Alesia (actor - 'Laverne & Shirley', 'The Odd Couple', writer - 'Laverne & Shirley', director - 'Captain Kangaroo')
Richard Dorso (writer - The Rough Riders, producers - 'The Doris Day Show')
Sherwood Schwartz - (writer-producer, created 'Gilligan's Island' & 'The Brady Bunch')
Lee Vines (actor-announcer - 'What's My Line?' 'Password All-Stars', Hallmark Hall of Fame')

Wilbur E. Mosier (assistant director - 'The Man From UNCLE', 'Peter Gunn', 'Dr. Kildare', unit manager - 'Ironside')
Bob Trendler (WGN choral director and Mr. Bob the bandleader on 'Bozo')
James Brown (producer-director)
Earl Kress (writer-actor-producer-puppeteer)
Walter Doniger (director. 'Peyton Place', screenwriter)
Patrice O'Neal (actor-comedian)

Theoni Aldredge (costume designer - 'Great Performances', "Barnum!", 'Live From Lincoln Center')
Stanley Frazen (film editor - 'The Lone Ranger', 'Get Smart', many others)
Justice (Disney animator - 'The Mickey Mouse Club' opening)
Nicola Rizzo (costume designer - 'L.A. Law',
Edward McDonald (set decorator - "Mrs. Sundance", 'Barney Miller', 'Night Court', 'The Drew Carey Show')
Nancy Carr (publicity executive for CBS, FOX, Hallmark)
Rudy Robbins (stuntman, 'Gunsmoke', 'Daniel Boone')
Donald Peterman (cinematographer on "Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home")
Shiela Jackson (costume designer for 'Upstairs, Downstairs')
Gerald Perry Finnerman (director of photography for 'Star Trek' & 'Moonlighting')
Hubert Schlafly (invented the Teleprompter)
Burt Reinhardt (former CNN president)
Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir (MTV music coordinator)
Snooki Young (Jazz trumpeter on the 'Tonight' show)
Kim Swados (art director, 'Studio One')
Ralph Schoenfeld (editor 'Centennial')
Steve Rutt (video animation innovator)
Jim Rodnunsky (CableCam developer)
Ed Flesh (designed the Wheel of Fortune)
Corny Cole (production designer, "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol")
Leonard Harris (TV critic for WCBS)
Donald L. Taffner (who brought British TV shows such as 'Benny Hill' to the U.S.),
Lyman Hallowell (editor, 'The Defenders', 'NYPD', Brenner, The Nurses, For the People, and Coronet Blue)
Steve Jobs (the Edison and Ford of the new millennium, revolutionized the compter biz and had a profound effect on TV)
Arthur Nielsen (the ratings company innovator)
Joel DiBartolo (bassist on the 'Tonight' show)
Allan Jefferys (WABC drama critic)
Andrew Laszlo (cinematographer who started out as a camera operator on 'Bilko')
Ray Aghayan (TV costumes for Diana Ross, Judy Garland Barbra Streisand, Doris Day; lifetime partner of Bob Mackie)
Sue Mengers (talent agent)
Dale Hall (cinematographer - 'Bones', 'Burn Notice')
Daniel Burke (president of Capital Cities/ABC)
Lou Maletta (created the Gay Cable Network)
Mark Hall (animator, 'Danger Mouse', 'The Wind In The Willows')
Zdenek Miler (animator, Krtek the Mole cartoons)
Stanley Robertson (pioneering black executive at NBC)
Marion Dougherty (casting director 'Naked City', ''Route 66')

Good night and may God bless......


Mike Doran said...

It was only a couple of weeks ago...
Happened on a weekend ...
She'd been out of the spotlight for years ...

Susan Gordon, one of the better kid actors ever.
The Five Pennies, The boy And The Pirates, Twilight Zone, Route 66, My Three Sons, scads of others.
Grew up and had a life: long-standing marriage, six kids, five grandchildren.
And discovered late in her life - to her delight - that she had fans who came to see her at nostalgia shows.
(Along with her dad, Bert I. Gordon.)
God Bless, indeed.
(Not that He had to be told.)

Toby O'B said...

Thanks, Mike. She did slip through the cracks even though I had read the obituary and checked out a site about her. In October I re-watched her TZone episode with J. Pat O'Malley for a post about the Dick Van Dyke Show, and should have added her in as soon as I got home that day I read the news.... I'll get it in.

Again, thanks!