Friday, January 6, 2012

REALI-TV CHECK: "STARSKY AND/& HUTCH" is like a wiki in that anybody can contribute to it, so you can't be too sure if it's always factual.

While working on another post for next week, I found this:

"A Saint In The City"

David, the young boy who was thought to be abused, tells Weaver that he and his dad would watch Starsky & Hutch on Nick at Nite, when in actuality that particular show has never aired on Nick at Nite.

I'm not sure this can be called a goof. So many people often confuse what happens on their TV screens as being in the real world. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they know the characters are fictional, but they expect them to be living in the same world as they do and that it operates like the world they live in.

But it's not the same world; it's Toobworld. And there will be differences: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's street address would be in the middle of the East River if it actually existed. ('I Love Lucy') There are deviations to the subway lines, going places where they were never meant to go. ('Clubhouse') And have you seen what a TV subway car interior looks like in shows not made in NYC? ('Seinfeld', 'The Odd Couple')

In this case, the Nick At Nite of Toobworld probably did show "Starsky & Hutch", but not 'Starsky And Hutch'. By that I mean the cable network showed the movie based on the lives of those two Los Angeles detectives (who also appeared as themselves in the Toobworld version of the film.  See above......)

And before you go checking the IMDb (another trustworthy source!), the Toobworld version of the movie opened years before it did in the real world.


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