Friday, May 13, 2011


From Pat Coleman, a member of Team Toobworld:

Ugly Betty's Suzuki St. Pierre ( ABC ) just crossed over to Rules of Engagement ( CBS ).

Suzuki didn't give his name. but the actor's clothing, hair and mannerisms were him.
So I caught the episode on and sure enough - there he was as the manager of a restaurant who offered the young couple champagne and cake because he thought they were in a proposal.

Suzuki St. Pierre was the alter-ego of Bryan Wu, a serious journalist. So.....

What if he finally got called on the carpet for trying to pass himself off as somebody he's not? With the profession in dire straits these days, journalists have to keep themselves on the straight and narrow.
If he did lose his job as Suzuki St. Pierre and then couldn't find employ under his own identity, perhaps Bryan Wu took the job as restaurant manager in order to keep the roof over his head.....

Yeah, it's a theoretical connection and wouldn't pass muster in strictly maintained TV Universe sites, but it works perfectly for the Toobworld concept.

Thanks, Pat!

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