Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day!


"Eric & Ernie"

Victoria Wood

From What'
So how’s Eric’s mum shown in this drama?
Sadie’s really the person who encouraged Eric to go into show buisness. She didn’t exactly push him into it, but she knew it would suit him because he was naturally funny. Also she knew that he wouldn’t have been happy living in Morecambe doing an ordinary job. His father was a labourer for the gas board. Times have proved Sadie right that Eric was destined for greater things. She definitely understood her own child.”

What’s Sadie’s relationship like with her son?
She had a very good relationship with him. Not pushy, but she was quite bossy and like many women of that generation, not really very huggy and kissy like we’d be with our children now. But she totally had his best interests at heart always. I don’t think she had a showbiz background, though I have seen a very weird photo of her with Eric and his dad playing ukeleles.”
She’s instrumental in getting them together, isn’t she?
Indeed she even does their deals for them. She called herself their manager. But a certain point is reached where they say they’re going to do it on their own now. And they gave her a first class ticket back to Morecambe – she was upset but understood."


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