Wednesday, May 11, 2011


One of the tiniest of the major TV dimensions is that of the Promoverse. In this world, the TV characters we know from various shows appear in quick interstitials, sometimes in concert with characters from other shows.

This would be a dream for crossoverists, but too many problems - not exactly Zonks - crop up, which put them at odds with how they're portrayed in their home shows.

Such problems include serlinguism (talking directly to the Trueniverse audience), tele-cognizance (an awareness of being a TV character), and inter-action with characters from the lesser, parallel dimensions (those dimensions which are off-shoots of the major TV dimensions). The home dimension of Earth Prime-Time has all of these off-shoots, primarily the "Evil Mirror Universe" but also all of the parallel worlds from 'Sliders'.)

USA Network has had the most success in populating the Promoverse, with blipverts that combined 'Monk' with 'Psych', 'The 4400', and 'The Dead Zone' (a series that shifted its focus from the John Smith of Earth Prime-Time to that of John Smith who lived on a Toobworld that had a different President than the one for Earth Prime-Time and the Trueniverse.

Lately USA has also been mixing and matching between 'Psych', 'White Collar', 'Burn Notice' and 'Royal Pains'.

Here are a couple of examples of the residents of the Promoverse, displaying some of the qualities mentioned above:

The Promoverse also accommodates members of the League of Themselves, and as could happen in Skitlandia (mostly - but also in the main Toobworld), there could be major differences with their alternate TV counterparts.

For example, here's a serlinguistic Tina Fey revealing that she has been impregnated with alien seed during her sked alert about hosting 'Saturday Night Live'.

By the way, 'Saturday Night Live' as a whole is not part of Skitlandia; only the individual sketches are. 'SNL' is a TV show within the TV Universe as it is in the Trueniverse.

In real life, Tina Fey is married to Jeff Richmond. I don't see any reason why she shouldn't be married to him in the Promoverse as well. But he's an alien who has always been disguised as Jeff Richmond, or only recently replaced Jeff Richmond in Tina's life. Since she seems happy about carrying this alien hybrid spawn, I'm guessing the former - and she's okay with that.

Ecce Promo!

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