Saturday, May 14, 2011


On Wednesday I wrote about the Promoverse, and gave a few video examples of its existence. My choices for that post were to illustrate why they can't be considered part of Earth Prime-Time - while some TV characters may exhibit talents like serlinguism outside of their home base TV series with the pozz'bility that they could do the same in their own shows, those three examples were just too flagrant to be believable for the regular depiction of the characters.

But these other interstitials combining USA Network shows could be pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, as scenes unseen.......

(Gus would just have to make a trip to the East Coast. Not insurmountable.... And while he was in the New York area, he may have had this encounter at a bar.)

(For alls we know, Hank might have been in that same establishment.)

(Unlike his friend Michael, Sam Axe is not tied down to the Miami area.)

(I guess this took place in Miami, since Michael is somewhat quarantined there. And he must have had to call in a major favor to get FBI agent Peter Burke off his back.)

(Both Shawn Spencer and Adrian Monk may have been waiting to get interviewed for the chance to consult on a murder investigation, somewhere outside of both San Francisco and Santa Barbara.)


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