Friday, May 13, 2011


As usual, we're running late with the monthly induction into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame, which I'd like to blame on the recent Blogger troubles. But the truth is - I'm just lazy.

By tradition, May usually has a "Queen Of The May" theme, mostly to ensure that at least one woman is inducted into the Hall each year. (No fear on that score - Aunt Bee Taylor and Joan Rivers were inducted in January and March, respectively.) But it also gives me a chance to showcase a smokin' TV babe, one worthy of the "Homina Thrice".
There was a sad reason why our choice for this May was selected - actress Anne Francis passed away earlier this year, always one of the sexiest women in television. And among the many TV characters she brought us (recurring roles in 'My Three Sons', 'Riptide', 'Dallas', 'The Drew Carey Show' and 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.', plus memorable guest appearances in 'Columbo' and 'The Twilight Zone'.), was the sexy investigator Honey West.....

In Toobworld, Honey West first appeared in a second season episode of 'Burke's Law' ("Who Killed The Jackpot?") and by the next season had her own series (although it lasted only the one year). Decades later, when 'Burke's Law' was revived with Amos Burke now working with his grown son, Anne Francis returned to the role in "Who Killed Nick Hazard?"
However, her character's name was now Honey Best. (It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble that this was an attempt to avoid paying royalties to the original creators of the role.) But for Toobworld, she was still Honey West - O'Bviously her last name changed because at some point in the years following the cancellation of her own series, Honey got married to someone named Best.
Perhaps he was a descendant of Marshal Sam Best, a Western Legend known as 'Best Of The West'. And it could be that Honey Best gave birth to Jerry Best in 1970, a character later seen in 'The Bernie Mac Show'.

With those three appearances, Honey West qualifies for entry into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame. But there is another reason as well - she is a multiversal, at home in several fictional universes created by Mankind's imagination.
She began life in novels by a husband-and-wife team who went by the pen name "G.G. Fickling". And at the height of her fame on TV, she was seen in comic books as well. (If there is a fictional universe based on board games, then she has a home there as well!)

So here's our salute to Honey West, the latest inductee into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame. Sadly, it's in memoriam, as I think Honey passed away around the same time as the woman who portrayed her. She could still be alive, but if anyone ever attempts to bring her back to television, it will have to be a show located in the Land of Remakes.

Because for Toobworld, there can be only one......


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Dr Tom said...

THere will only be one "Honey West" and that is the wonderful Anne Francis....Rest In Peace dear Anne!!