Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's a "mixed bag" for Video Sunday.....

First up, because Petula Clark was referenced in a 'Mad Men' scene last Sunday, followed by this song playing in the background of the very next scene.....

'Hawaii Five-O' - the new version - proved to be more interesting than I thought it would be. In fact, I think it was the only new show that I really enjoyed seeing during premiere week. Despite my Toobworld O'Bsessions, it will be most likely added to my DVR queue. As a show taking place outside of Earth Prime-Time, it looks to be this season's 'The West Wing' for me. (And only for that reason - that comparison has NOTHING to do with quality!)

Here's the new version of that classic theme song:

And now here's the classic opening for you to compare:

And here's how the credits for "Star Wars" would look with that theme song:

I'm adding the next clip to the "As Seen On TV" showcase for Arnold Rothstein from earlier last week. But since it won't get as much traffic there, I'll share it here today - a 'Boardwalk Empire' coming attraction:

Here are two variations on the opening credits for 'That Girl':

And, just to be goofy, are two riffs on that classic:



Finally, because the visuals for 'That Girl' served as a great advertisement for New York City, here are two variations on the theme for another sitcom set in the Big Apple:



Toby O'B said...

serendipiteevee: Marlo Thomas was profiled this morning on CBS' 'Sunday Morning'....

Brent McKee said...

Imagine, actually being able to spend a whole minute with a theme song. Now most shows don't even bother with 30 seconds.