Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here are the two crossovers I want to see from the new shows:

They both take place in Vegas, Baby! And Carol Mendolsohn is a producer on the new series and she's had a long history as an exec producer on the 'CSI' franchise.

But in order for them both to come out winners in their match-up, since 'CSI' is usually pro-prosecution and 'The Defenders' are O'Bviously playing for the defense, it would probably have to be a case involving a long-lost identical (evil) twin. That way the DNA would narrow down the search but to the wrong twin. Morelli and Kaczmarek would figure out there was a twin, and then the CSI team could figure out where he was located.

The Chuckworld of espionage would be able to handle the laid-back, lovey-dovey spies Stephen and Samantha Bloom. And their relationship could be used as an example for Chuck and Sarah.
The one crossover for a new show that I DON'T want to see:

Since they're paired up on Friday nights, CBS might insist on a crossover since they're both set in the world of NYC law enforcement.

But it would ruin the integrity of the Toobworld dynamic. It only took 'Blue Bloods' ten minutes to knock itself out of Earth Prime-Time with the introduction of Bruce Altman as NYC Mayor Frank Russo. Toobworld could survive having Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan for the Police Commissioner - Raymond Kelly, the Commissioner in the real world, doesn't have a tele-presence established with appearances as himself in other shows. But NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg does, with three different appearances, and so he's the mayor of New York in Toobworld.

Forcing 'CSI: NY' into that new TV dimension with 'Blue Bloods' would create a major rift in the mosaic of the TV Universe. 'CSI: NY' must remain in Earth Prime-Time and 'Blue Bloods' should relocate to... let's say, the TV dimension of 'Commander In Chief'.


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