Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I’m not really necessary.
Hmm … the last time I said that,
I was in a three-way with two of the Backstreet Boys.”
Jenna Maroney
'30 Rock'

O'Bviously to avoid a lawsuit, the exact two Backstreet Boys were never going to be named. But it could have been the tele-versions of Nick Carter and AJ MacLean. (Remember, we're talking about their fictionalized lives, as seen on TV.) Who knows what they may have allegedly done during the drug-fueled days of their acknowledged addictions?

But whoever it was from that boy band, Jenna Maroney is a member of that elite club of fictional TV characters who have had sex with "real" celebrities.

Others in the "club":

Larry Sanders - 'The Larry Sanders Show'
(Roseanne, Ellen DeGeneres)

Arthur - 'The Larry Sanders Show'
(Elizabeth Ashley)

Vincent Chase - 'Entourage'
(Sasha Grey, Mandy Moore, Scarlett Johanssen)

Aunt Lolly - 'Mad About You'
(Milton Berle)

It's not a Toobworld list I was keeping track of, so I know there must be plenty of others - Karen of 'Will & Grace' comes to mind, maybe Aunt Flo Meredith of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' - who have been star-bleepers, but I just can't think of the examples.....


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