Thursday, September 30, 2010


Martin Ross runs "Just One More Paragraph" - the 'Columbo' fanfic site whose link you'll find to the left. He sent in the following Toobworld crossover:

In case you didn't spy it: reference to fellow New Jersey hospital Mercy General (NBC's defunct "Mercy") on the "House" season premiere Monday -- Princeton-Plainsboror ER had to shut down and Mercy couldn't absorb the overflow. Maybe the Cushing Left Anterior Descending Artery Award will pop up on Dr. Chase's credenza someday.

Thanks, Martin! I didn't spy that - I gave up on 'House' a long time ago. And that award just needs one more TV show to bag its own entry into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, having originated on 'St. Elsewhere' and then be mentioned on 'Chicago Hope' as well. (Which I know Martin was well aware of!)


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