Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hollywood screen legend Tony Curtis has passed away. He was 85.

In Toobworld, his three biggest roles would probably be as Danny Wilde of 'The Persauders', as Stony Curtis in 'The Flintstones' (which coincidentally celebrates its fiftieth anniversary today), and as Philip "Slick" Roth in 'Vega$' (pictured above, from right to left).

'The Persuaders' was a favorite of mine and that was mostly due to the camaraderie shared between Curtis and Roger Moore, who played Lord Brett Sinclair.

That has always been one of my favorite TV theme songs and title sequences. There was an elegiac, dirge-like quality to the music, which seems appropriate for today's news.....

As Red Skelton would say, Good night and may God bless, Mr. Schwartz.


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