Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Bobby Cobb did a David Caruso impression in the season opener of 'Cougar Town'. But he didn't identify it as being of Caruso in 'CSI: Miami' (even though his impression consisted only of Caruso taking off his sunglasses).

For all we know, it was an impression of David Caruso in a movie that only exists in Toobworld.


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Mike Doran said...

On the night before he died, Peter Finch was Johnny Carson's guest on the Tonight show. He was making the rounds to promote Network.
On that particular show, Finch followed George Carlin, whose routine that night was about death, and how we as people reacted to it. When Finch came out to do his part for the picture, he took time to praise Carlin's monolog, and talked for a few minutes about his own feelings on the subject.
The next morning, Peter Finch was waiting to go on live at Good Morning America when he had his fatal heart attack.

All true, I swear. Some things you just don't forget.