Thursday, May 27, 2010


I would have thought that the series finale of 'Lost' would have spurred advertisers to bring their best to the game; but apparently only Target stepped up to the plate to provide the best possible blipverts during the course of the show.

All three of their commercials had 'Lost' themes, and all of them were directed by Jack Bender, who also directed the night's two and a half hour finale.

Here's the first one that aired:

I guess it was funny to everybody except animal lovers and vegetarians.....

And with the second one, we got a nice shout-out to "the Numbers":

I wonder if that price was adjusted specifically to tie in to the show...?

And then finally, they saved the best for last, with a special guest appearance:

Keep this in mind for the future, should you ever find yourself in a bar and need a good trivia question to win a few bucks - "Did 'Lost' ever have a spin-off?" The answer would be yes; just remind them of this commercial!


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