Wednesday, May 26, 2010


From Robert Wronski, Jr. one of my fellow fans of crossovers: In an episode of SVU today (a rerun, unfortunately forget the episode name), Det. Stabler postulates that only Spider-Man could have committed the crime, since it required the killer to come in through a window 80 stories high. Olivia spots proof the killer did come in from the window, and Det. Stabler says that it looked as though it was indeed Spider-Man after all.

According to Robert, there was no mention of Spiderman as a comic book, cartoon, or movie character. Therefore it could be safe to assume that Eliot was talking about Spidey as a real person. And so we could make a theoretical link to 'The Amazing Spiderman' series from the 1970's, which starred Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker. BCnU!

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