Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here are three alternate endings to 'Lost' which were presented on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' after the finale of 'Lost' Sunday night.

And now, here's the nitpick from Toobworld Central.....

I wouldn't have repeated anybody in any of the three endings. For instance, around the campfire in the 'Survivors' ending should have been Lapidus, Miles, Sawyer, and Sayid, but not Hurley - save him for the 'Sopranos' ending. Claire and Kate should have switched places: Kate in the 'Sopranos' ending and Claire in the 'Newhart' ending. That way, when Bob screamed out for Emily, Emilie would have been the one under the blankets. And Bob could have said instead: "You're not MY Emily."

But that's just me. These were funny without any stupid tinkering on my part. And Bob Newhart (as Bob Hartley) and Jeff Probst ratcheted up points for themselves when it comes to the TV Crossover Hall of Fame. Dr. Hartley is already inducted, but Jeff could make it in as a member of the League of Themselves.


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