Friday, March 12, 2010


This really doesn't fall into the purview of Toobworld Central, but I still wanted to share this O'Bservation.....

As Shawn Spencer of 'Psych', James Roday has now appeared with three actors from "The Breakfast Club":

Judd Nelson ("Death Is In The Air", with Burton Guster),

Ally Sheedy ("An Evening With Mr. Yang" & "Mr. Yin Presents"),

as well as with Anthony Michael Hall as John Smith of 'The Dead Zone' in a USA Network promo. (They're both seen here with Adrian 'Monk'.)

So that means Emilio Estevez and Molly Ringwald have to make appearances on 'Psych' in order to complete this trivia nugget. (And if Anthony Michael Hall could get an actual episode, that would be cool.....) It reminds me of 'St. Elsewhere' when the old gang from Steve Allen's version of the 'Tonight' show appeared as the parents of various doctors at St. Eligius: Louis Nye (as Dr. Axelrod's dad), Bill Dana (as Dr. Fiscus' dad), Tom Poston (as Dr. Morrison's dad), and Steve Allen himself, with his wife Jane Meadows (as Dr. Ehrlich's parents).


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