Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When Shawn and Gus of the 'Psych' detective agency were about to go out shark-hunting with their own version of Captain Quint, Shawn asked if the boat was equipped with TiVo, because Gus didn't want to miss the season finale of 'Leverage'.

For the purposes of the TV show, this is probably an in-joke - Jeri Ryan was the guest star in the episode, and she was a cast member for this year on 'Leverage'. But within the "reality" of Toobworld, 'Leverage' has to be some other program since it shares the same TV universe as 'Psych'.

Shawn never said anything else about 'Leverage'. So it could be that in the realm of Toobworld, 'Leverage' is a show to be found on CNBC or FNC, or some other financial channel. It does seem like the more staid Gus might watch such a show...

So if we can splain our way out of it, there is no Zonk.


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