Saturday, March 13, 2010


Jack Skowron is a best-selling author who wrote "Freefall To Ecstasy", which was bought by many but which hardly anyone ever finished reading. He was an old friend of Jim Rockford, whom he asked for help on his second novel (as seen in an episode of 'The Rockford Files'.) It could be that Jack can trace his ancestry back to Henry Skowron, Esq., (played by Royal Dano), a ne'er-do-well roaming the wild, wild west with his three sons - George, Herman, and Perlee. At some point in the 1870's, the Skowrins encountered Kwai Chiang Caine and an Irishman named Sean Mulhare, with the intent of robbing them.
The Skowrins are like the dark side of the Cartwright clan, with Perlee (played by Merlin Olson) as their version of Hoss - perhaps with more brawn, but less brain. If Jack can trace his ancestry to any of Henry Skowrin's sons, it would be most likely to George. Tele-genetic echoes are strong in Toobworld and it could be that all of the men in the Skowrin line from George to Jack were of a smaller build but of a higher intelligence (at least higher than others in the Skowrin family tree.) As for the slight difference in the family name, some Skowrin up the line decided to change it; perhaps even Jack himself, thinking it looked better on paper as his nom de plume.

'The Rockford Files' - "The Gang at Don's Drive In"
'Kung Fu' - "Nine Lives"


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