Sunday, March 7, 2010


In a salute to the Oscars tonight, "Life" magazine has a number of photo galleries dedicated to past decades of the awards night.

In the 1970's gallery, there was this picture of a pile of biographical information on various performers, directors, and writers: The picture was from 1972.

One name jumped out at me just as I was about to click onward to the next picture: (You'll find it near the center, four rows from the left, towards the lower center of the pile.)

McGoohan never got an Oscar nomination. If he had, maybe then they might have seen fit to include him in the memorial tribute last year after he died. (Ah, who am I kidding?) He should have been nominated - and he should have won! - for playing King Edward "Longshanks" in "Braveheart" back in 1995.

I think these biographies are for those people who might have been possible nominees for the movies released in 1971. And therefore, McGoohan was in the pile because of his turn as James Stuart in "Mary, Queen Of Scots", the next name in the billing after Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson. (The spine of his bio has a big "SA" on it. Probably for "supporting actor".)

Well, at least he was a pozz'bility. And he was paid his due for where he was truly appreciated: Toobworld!


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Moor Larkin said...

McGoohan was mentioned in the showbiz columns of the time, as a possible nominee for Ice Station Zebra. That would have been as best supporting actor I think.

His name was included on the Memoriam page of the Academy website, last year.

Cool photo of the Information Files btw...