Tuesday, March 9, 2010


On 'Cougar Town', Bobby riffed on Grayson's name by calling him "Grey's Anatomy". Which in itself is fine. It's the title of the most famous medical book in history. But the two of them just HAD to go further and plug a small shout-out into the conversation by saying how much they enjoy the ABC medical drama.

Some people don't know when to leave well enough alone.


Even though it's enough info to tip the reference into Zonk territory, we should still be able to splain it away. 'Grey's Anatomy' may be a TV show on ABC in the TV Universe, but based just on this reference, it doesn't necessarily have to be a show about Seattle Grace Hospital. It could be some kind of medical reality programming that has become popular over there.

And when Patrick Dempsey is mentioned (as 'Psych' once did), perhaps it's because he hosts the reality show. TV characters in other shows who are called McDreamy or McSteamy (like Dr. Christian Troy was on 'nip/tuck', or in the case of Alan Harper of 'Two And A Half Men', wasn't), could be getting tagged with a popular slang term.

But in the great expanse of Earth Prime-Time, it should be anything but the actual show on ABC since they should all share the same TV dimension. Bleeps! A character on 'The O.C.', from a different network, even, went to work at Seattle Grace!

That Zonk is a flatliner........


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